Tour of Spain and Annual Conference to deep dive into the Passivhaus standard

The Passivhaus Building Platform (PEP) is organising a roadshow from 11 to 13 November to present carbon neutral buildings based on the Passivhaus standard. Afterwards the 11th Passivhaus Conference will take place from 13 – 16 November at the Palacio de Congresos Fórum Evolución de Burgos.
The roadshow will have three stages: in stage 1 the visit will focus on Zaragoza, Pamplona and San Sebastián, where the platform will present buildings developed by Lobe Group and NASUVINSA, and conclude with a visit to the Arima Hotel in the Basque coastal city. On 12 November the platform will showcase buildings developed by VISESA in Bilbao, the European Congress Palace in Vitoria and a building certified by Tahonas in Burgos.  The third and final stage will be in Burgos, and will include a visit to the University and the Espacio Futura pavilions, all of which have been rehabilitated in line with the Passivhaus Standard. Participants will then be able to attend the developers’ day, prologue of the 11th Passivhaus Conference, scheduled in the northern Spanish city.
The Conference has firmly established itself as the leading annual national event in the field of energy efficiency, carbon neutral construction and the Passivhaus building standard and is regularly attended by high profile speakers including specialists in the field as well as institutional representatives from across Spain and worldwide. In addition, the event plays host to numerous exhibitions, workshops and discussion forums, providing participants with up to date information and content carefully tailored to the needs of professionals, public sector and the wider public.
The eleventh edition will be attended by the German physicist and astronomer Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passivhaus Institut and one of the world’s most renowned experts in energy-efficient construction. Feist’s reappearance at a national Passivhaus Conference demonstrates the growing relevance of the event both nationally and internationally.
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